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You're All Gonna Die!
They're Only Records Paul
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   Favorite Recorded Scream
  Leroy Stevens
  Small World
   Main Theme from Dawn of the Dead
   Just Like Tammy Wynette
  The Rebel
  Sacred Bones
   You're Gonna Die
  Destroy All Monsters
  Get Back
  Davilla 666
  In the Red
   Rachmaninov Vocalise
  Clara Rockmore
   Ice Cream
   Island Avenue
  Jacuzzi Boys
  Third Man
   Slime Days
  Savoury Days
   24 Problems
  The Ex
  Touch and Go
   Inca ceremony music
  unknown artist
   Oui Oui (A Canadian in Paris)
   Scandinavian Silicone
  Dom Thomas
   Personal Problem
  Mike Dun presents MD III
  Clone Classics
  Pere Ubu
  Get Back Italy
   Dirty Surf
  She's Hit
  Ratas Del Vaticano
   They Taught Me
  Ja'afar Hassan
  Sublime Frequencies
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