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Chapter 04 - w/ Oliver Pitt Selecting
The Workshop
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   Replay Version
  Prince Jazzbo
  Basic Replay
   Style and Version
  Papa San
  Black Scorpio
   killerdub part II
   Addis ababa Dub
  Wackies Allstars
  Rod Taylor
  Cry Tuff
   Every Little Thing
  Rod Taylor
  Ossie Sounds
   Space Alligator
  Freddie Viaduct at Naffi H.Q.
   Shacks Built From Plywood
  Ensemble Economique
   Slow train to viaductsville
  Freddie Viaduct at Naffi H.Q.
   First Fire
  Stare Case
  De Stijl
   No Answer
  Wolf Eyes
  De Stijl
   Chillness Of These Sounds Is My Cell
  Magisch Theater Productions
  Ultra Eczema
   Eddie's Out
  Cabaret Voltaire
  Rough Trade
   Yolk In Your Tash
  Ladies as Pimps
  Clan Destine
   La Luna
  Leven Signs
   Roots (12 extended version)
  Not On Label
   operation banquise 1985 ritual dos sadicos II
  Vox Populi!
  Vinyl On Demand
   la cathedrale morte part 4
  Vox Populi!
  Vinyl On Demand
   Aeolus Large Sailing and Pulsing Kite-Like Shapes
  Alwin Nikolais
  Finders Keepers
   Paludisme (part 1)
  Lasry Baschet
  Finders Keepers
   filtration (stage 2)
  Further Records
  Pekka Airaksinen
   In The Arms Of The Parcae
  Black Zone Myth Chant
   Helwa Ya 'Em Oyoun Al Soud (pretty with black eyes
  Kathim Al Saher
  Sublime Frequencies
   The Hangmans Ball
  Threshold Houseboys Choir
  Not On Label
   The Message
  Sun Araw
   No luscious life (unreleased)
  Golden Teacher
  Not On Label
  Green Door Allstars
  Autonomous Africa
   Tristen in Der Bar
  Bureau B
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