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Vol.08 - Fire Walk With Me
The Witching Hour
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   We're Never Coming home
  Molly Nilsson
  dark skies association
  Tri Angle
   Solar Lodge
  Solar Lodge
   Mysteries of Love
  The Golden Filter
  Perfectly Isolated
   Something Came Over Me
  Throbbing Gristle
   Spaghetti Wasteland
  Heroin in Tahiti
  Boring Machines
   Eat Yr HEart
  Ghostly International
   Agatha Christie
  The Devil
   The Girl From Ipanema
  Jeff & Jane Hudson
  Infidelity (2)
   Blue Eyes on the Blvd.
  US Girls
   Movement of Fear
  Tones On Tail
   An Explanation for that Flock of Crows
  Algebra Suicide
   Black Candles
   Afraid of the Everyday
  The Paraffins
  Ear Spook
   Falling (Theme to Twin Peaks)
  Remember Remember
  Rock Action
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