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Vol.03 - Vox Tenebrae
The Witching Hour
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   I Put A Spell On You (Alternate Version)
  Screamin' Jay Hawkins
   Scorpio - The Passionate Hero
  Mort Garson/The Zodiac
   And The Cuckoo Comes
  The Advisory Circle
  Ghost Box
   Seven Bowls
  Aphrodite's Child
   Nibelungen (Acapella)
  Ruth White
   Seven Up
  Timothy Leary // ash ra tempel
  Purple Pyramid
   Mother I Hear Your Heart Beat
  Carole & Liz
  The Museum of Witchcraft, Boscastle
   What Is Death?
  Monte Cazazza
  Side Effects
  Anita Lane
   The Poet
  Aleister Crowley
  Not On Label
   Who By Fire
  Threshold House
   Running (Witching Hour Edit)
  Delia Derbyshire // Barry Bermange
  BBC Radio
   Room of Our Own
  Muscles of Joy
  Watts of Goodwill
   Full Moon
  Eden Ahbez
   Sea Spells
  Anna Tanner/Neil Bickerton
  White Label
   Cosmic Telephone Call
  Kali Bahlu
   The Book
  Michelle Hannah
  White Label
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