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The Return of Fielding
The Vile Arts Radio Hour
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   Kyrie I
  The Kronos Quartet
   John The Revelator
  Blind Willie Johnson
  Complete Blues
John Knox Sex Club
   All That Grows On Our Bones
  John Knox Sex Club
  White Label
John from Red Note talks about the upcoming tour and the Stalinist notes others can't hit
   Shaker Loops (Adams)
  White Label
   Infinito Zero
  White Label
   Chamber Concerto
  White Label
  Muscles of Joy
  White Label
Andy from the Tron Young Team talks Glasgow, Morgan and Mayfesto
   These Wooden Ideas
  Martin O'Connor
  White Label
  Gummy Stumps
   Mrs Traipse Song
  A Band Called Quinn
   Killin the Vibe
  Akira the Don
  White Label
   Little Helper 5-5
  Little Helpers
   Little Helper 5-6
  Little Helper
   Lawless Things
  Kronos Quartet
  Nonesuch Electra
Phone Interview with Kronos Quartet
   Totem Ancestor
  Kronos Quartet // John Cage
   The West
   Side B
  Jon Rose
  Fringe Benefit No 29
   Two Studies on Ancient Greek Scales
  Kronos Quartet
  Tanya Tagag
   Demon Seed
  Older Lover
Vile gets to make Only an Excuse for Winding Up The King of Scotland Jonathon Watson...
   Les Folies Fran├žaises
   Chilly Willy
  Spank Rock
  Big Dada
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