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Live from the CCA - IETM Special
The Vile Arts Radio Hour
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  MF Doom
   Bring it On
  Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds
00:06:10 // Gareth introduces his IETM team.
   Higher Than The Sun
  Primal Scream
   Perfect Speed
   Read the Blessed Pages
  Belle & Sebastian
  Rough Trade
   Golden Frost
  The Brian Jonestown Massacre
00:41:30 // Dolly Tartan and Andrew Campbell discuss burlesque and Sarah Kane.
  Karen O. and the Kids
   No One Knows
  Queens of the Stone Age
   Sao Paulo
  Flying Lotus
  Plug Research
01:11:00 // Kim from the IETM chats about the performance world arriving in Glasgow
   Ain't No Grave
  Johnny Cash
01:19:20 // Interview from Scotland Street School with Eilidh MacAskill of Fish and Game.
   Stressed Out
  A Tribe Called Quest
   Black Hat
  Uncle John and Whitelock
  God Forgot Man
01:36:20 // Martin O'Connor and Brian O'Sullivan, and a mystery third guest, discuss being an artist in Glasgow.
   Red Lights
  Holy Fuck
  Young Turks
   Only You Can Break My Heart
  Team Ghost
  Sonic Cathedral
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