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Wee Man, Rolling Stones and Sounds from the Cupboa
The Vile Arts Radio Hour
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   Black Smoke Yen
  Van Der Graaf Generator
00:01:30 // The Ramshorn Hitches a ride to the Comedy Festival
  Sabres of Paradise
   Jah Loves
  The Abyssinians
  Blue Moon
   Leningrad Symphony (Extract)
   All Day
  Miss The Occupier
  White Label
00:31:00 // Gary McNair Reveals Himself
   Fight the Power
  Public Enemy
  Def Jam
00:52:10 // The Wee Man and Bratchy hide Vile in a cupboard
   Get To Know Me
  White Label
   One More Day
  Nate Dogg
  Death Row
   Lonely Old Man
  The Plimptons
  White Label
   I Fought the Law
  The Clash
   Ghost Somng
  Patrick Wolf
   Race: In
01:29:20 // A Visit from a Professional DJ
  The Rolling Stones
   Son of the Morning Star
  The Twilight Singers
   Life of Promise
  Mickey Gloss
  White Label
01:50:20 // Vile heads East for a Tortured Garden
   My Kitten Went to London
  Kid 606
   Haunted Dancehall
  Sabres of Paradise
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Scottish Charity Number SC006970.