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85a, glue factory and solar
The Vile Arts Radio Hour
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   Jesus, Lily of the Valley
  Atlanta Pilgrim Singers
  Take A Worm For A Walk Week
   I'm Walking to a Farm
  Ivor Cutler
   The Appearance of A Wise Child
  Rune Grammofon
   Blue Lotus Feet
  Bonnie 'Prince' Billy
   Sleeping Beauty Overture
  Deutsche Grammophon
   Monkey Man
  Holy Mountain
85a chat about their project with the Phantom Band, and future plans
  Phantom Band
  Chemikal Underground
   Shiz KO E
  The Tuss
Sean fae Solar talks NYE (with Numbers, at Stereo...)
   I Wanna Be Your Lover
  Warner Bros.
   Real Talk
   Ignorant Swan
  Jay-Z // Radiohead
  White Label
   Electric Counterpoint
  Steve Reich
  Nonesuch Electra
Back to the Glue Factory for a chat about a Tarot based exhibiton
   The Philosopher's Hand
  Kronos Quartet // Terry Riley
   Surrounded by Silence
  Prefuse 73 // Ghostface Killah
   Burglar Bill
  Chester P
   Sleep with the Fishes
  Red Moon
   I Can Hear Your Heart
  Aidan Moffat
  Chemikal Underground
   Song to the Siren
  This Mortail Coil
   Lentic Catachresis
  Benedictine Monks
   In A Silent Way
  Miles Davis
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