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The Day After The Fifth Birthday Show
The Vile Arts Radio Hour
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   The Party's Crashing
  Of Montreal
  Track & Field
  Cocteau Twins
   Let's Dance
  David Bowie
   The Mask
  Danger Doom // Ghostface
   Radio Daze
  The Roots // Blu // Porn // Dice Raw
  Def Jam
Nikitta and Bigg Taj come in to talk about Playback.
   Playback Theme
  White Label
   Change The Beat (PZ Wicket Child Remix)
  Radiohead // MF Doom
  White Label
   House of Cards
  Robert Plant and the Band of Joy
Gareth K Vile talks to Leann O'Kasi about her play Dirty Paradise
   Kill Your Co-Workers
  Flying Lotus
Ray, Competitions editor of the Skinny chats prizes and clubbing
   Always Human
  Honest Jon’s
  Matthew Dear
  Ghostly International
  Russian Circles
  Suicide Squeeze
  The Unwinding Hours
  Chemikal Underground
   Danger Beat
  Action Beat
  Truth Cult
   Die Slow
  City Slang
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