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The Vile Arts Radio Hour
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   A Joy
  Four Tet
   Aha Gedawo
  Getatchew Mekuria
The words are from Fleur Darkin, new boss at SDT
   Devil's Spoke
  Laura Marling
Eleanor Morton talks comedy festival
   Double Dare
  Molotov Jukebox
  EXCLUSIVE - unreleased
   Bad Girls
  The Kinks
Two more from Buzzcut
The Said Ensemble get into sound thoughts
   Quartet no 1
  Matthew Whiteside
  EXCLUSIVE - unreleased
   A Clymene
  Chris Duncan
  EXCLUSIVE - unreleased
   Me and Mary
  Asobi Seksu
  One Little Indian
   Clair De Lune
  Chris Duncan
  EXCLUSIVE - unreleased
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Scottish Charity Number SC006970.