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Subcity Radio hosts one hundred and twenty minutes of conversation, music and reporting from around the Glasgow arts and culture scenes. Presenter Gareth and his producer Harry take a weekly look at dance, drama, live gigs and anything else that occurs to them.

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Roaming with Ronlin
06/11/2017 // Unnamed Episode

In which I chat with Ronlin Foreman...

in some ways, this is an interview that is worth hearing in conjunction with my chat on The Festival City podcast with Lindsey Kemp: both represent a tradition in physical theatre that followed its birth from 'mime', and have plenty of cool memories about the development of the form. Ronlin discusses his own career as a teacher and performer, gives some definitions and cool ideas, before the last moments, when I disappear and alow him to articulate a vision of artistic practice that made me properly shut my face.

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