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Subcity Radio hosts one hundred and twenty minutes of conversation, music and reporting from around the Glasgow arts and culture scenes. Presenter Gareth and his producer Harry take a weekly look at dance, drama, live gigs and anything else that occurs to them.

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   Mon, 23/10/2017
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Making a HOO with Sita
16/10/2017 // Unnamed Episode

Make A HOO by Sita Pieraccini

The shimmering heat of tropical hills, and the purring and humming of the Sri Lankan plains are finely tuned into existence by a young woman on a quest to find her echo in a world of repetition.

Caught in an elaborate game of call and response with a shape-shifting being which only comes to life at night, she modulates between states of dream and wakefulness in search of harmony.

Inspired by an artist residency in Sri Lanka and featuring elements of local song poetry, Make A HOO combines vivid sonic environments and dynamic physicality to weave together the story of a day and a night in the life of this young woman as she she strives to reconnect with her identity and the world in which she lives.

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