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The Shiny Disco Ball
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Listen Again Player Currently Down For This Episode - To Hear The Show Copy & Paste This Into Windows Media Player: http://www.filefactory.com/file/6uyoom0l881n/The_Shiny_Disco_Ball_-_251112_-_TX_1400-1600.mp3
   I'm Caught Up (In A One Night Love Affair)
  Inner Life // Jocelyn Brown
   Get On The Funk Train
  Munich Machine
  Sunshine Sound
   The Clap Hands Song
  T Bird // The Breaks
   Disco Christmas
  Universal Robot Band
  Red Greg
   My Old Piano (Joe Malenda Edit)
  Diana Ross
  White Label
   Cerrone's Paradise
   Standing In The Rain
  Don Ray
   Night Fever
  Bee Gees
The Full 12 Inches
   My Love Is Free (A Tom Moulton Mix)
  Double Exposure
   Play That Funky Music
  Wild Cherry
   Hot Leather (Patrick Cowley Remix)
   Fly, Robin, Fly
  Silver Convention
  Midland International
   Oops Upside Your Head
  The Gap Band
   There But For The Grace Of God Go I
   Big Blow
  Manu Dibango
  Edwin Starr
  20th Century Fox
   Sinner Man
  Sarah Dash
Alphabet Disco - B
   Let's Start The Dance
   I Can't Stand The Rain
   I Was Born This Way
  Carl Bean
   Miss You (Dance! Dance! Dance! Edit)
  The Rolling Stones
  White Label
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