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The Shiny Disco Ball
funk // soul // disco // groove

This programme is dedicated to disco, soul and funk setting you up for the weekend. A few classics from the world of disco are played along with rare tunes which rarely (if ever), see the light of day on mainstream radio. DJ mixes and special editions to mark significant anniversaries have been aired in the past too (like the David Mancuso, Tom Moulton and Saturday Night Fever editions to name a few).

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Stereo 54: The Shiny Disco Ball DJ Set
03/12/2014 // Unnamed Episode

If you weren't able to make it to Stereo 54 last month, just click the link below to listen to my set on-demand :)

Stereo 54: The Shiny Disco Ball DJ Set - November 14th 2014 by David Campbell ✯ on Mixcloud

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