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Al Kent Special
The Shiny Disco Ball
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The Shiny Disco Ball - Al Kent Special
Al Kent - Six Million Steps Mix
   Party Hardy
  Velvet Hammer
  Soozi Records
   F Minor Disco (Parts 1 & 2)
  Ross Carnegie & Co.
  El Con Records
   Date With The Rain
  Frankie Gee
  Claridge Records
   Chains Of Love
  The Jones Family
  Jen Jillus
   You Can Win
  Watts City
   Giving It All To You
  Cheryl Berdell
   Take The Music To The Party
  The Chocolate City Connection
  Million Dollar Disco
   I Never Felt This Way Before
  Natures Devine
   Movin' On
  Glenn Dorsey & The Big J
  Good Records
   Trying To Get Over
  The Sparkles
  Small Axe Records
   Disco Socks
Al Kent Interview - Part 1
   Funky Funky Beat
  The Million Dollar Orchestra
Al Kent Interview - Part 2
Al Kent - Million Dollar Disco Mix - BBE & Laid Back Radio
   Cumbayah Disco
  Disco Warriors
   The Disco Joint
  Live Experience
  E&B Records
   Everybody Party (Get Down)
  Greenback Records
   Hail To Guyana
  Alex & His Soul Messengers
  The Peoples' Workshop
   I've Been Searching
  Arts & Craft
  Jus Born
   Dancing Free
  Hot Ice
  Rage Records
   Sweet Jazz Music
  Rota Enterprises Ltd.
   How Can I Tell Her
  Charm City
   Party People
  Crosstown Traffic
  D.C. Records
   Party Together
  DT Records
   The Rock Is Gonna Get You
  Gordon's War
   The Sound Of Disco Rock
  The Stringfield Family
  Arrest Records
   To Be With You
  Jimmy Sabater
  Salsa Records
  Arthur King
   We've Got It
  Sylvano Santorio
   Doing Our Own Thang
  Al Tanner
  Tymo Records
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