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Battered, Blue and Crude
The Self Raising Flour Hour Of Power
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   Psykick Dance Hall
  The Fall
  Step Forward
Today we began an experiment with cassette tapes. It may have failed. Who knows. I certainly enjoyed it. We started with...
   Fractrured Skies
  Parts and Labor
First cassette tape was...
   Learn to Speak French (For Travellers)
The rest of the (taped) songs feartured were....
   Dalliance (Live Bootleg)
  The Wedding Present
  Live Bootleg
   Sweet Gene Vincet (Live)
  Ian Dury // The Blockheads
   Love Is The Drug
  Roxy Music
  Live Bootleg
   Have A Cigar (Take a Joint Version)
  Pink Floyd
  Live Tribe
   (There's No Room To Rumba) In A Sports Car
  Vivian Stanshall // The Big Boys
   Rock A Hula Baby
  Pop Will Eat Itself
Both previous two from a wonderful charity album of Elvis covers
   Being For The Benefit of Mr Kite
  Frank Sidebottom
And previous one from an album called Sgt Pepper Knew My Father. You can guess...
End of Tape Playlist. Sure i played one more! But for the life of me can't remember! Will add later!
   Bronze Adonis
  John Cooper Clarke
   Live At Glasgow Implodes
  At War With False Noise
   The Greater Than Symbol And The Hash
  Holy Roar
   I Am Ahab
   The Godfather
  Jazz Organ
  Jazz Organ
   Shame On A Nigga
  Wu Tang Clan // System of a Down
  Silver Apples
   Gemini (Brithday Song)
  Chemikal Underground
   Coffin Factory
  The Wildhouse
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