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The Self Raising Flour Hour Of Power
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Our essays are handed in, we is pure happytimes
   Facelessness Erases Every Trace of Humanity
  Dead Letters Spell Out Dead Words
   Scary Monsters and Super Creeps
  David Bowie // Nine Inch Nails
   To Hell With Good Intentions
  Too Pure
   Banshee Beat
  Animal Collective
  Fat Cat
   Pink Drink
  Guided By Voices
  Fading Captain Series
   Pink Lady Lemonade - You're From Outer Space - Pt1
  Acid Mother's Temple And The Cosmic Inferno
  Riot Season
   The Lemon of Pink
  The Books
   Dysopian Dream Girl
  Built to Spill
   Mellow Yellow
  The Vic Lewis Orchestra
   Dragon Queen
  Yeah Yeah Yeahs
  Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds
   (My Girl's Got) Got Miraculous Technique
  Belle and Sebastian
   Equinoxe Part 3
  Jean Michel Jarre
  Disques Dreyfus
   Last Stop: This Town
   Music In My Mind
  Lindstrom // Solale
  Smalltown Supersound
   Pink Sabbath
  Best Before
   Louie Louie
  The Stooges
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