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The Self Raising Flour Hour Of Power
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solo slow show again
   Hoboken Toffee
  Andrew W.K.
   You Can't Shake Hands With Clenched Fists
   Angel Echoes
  Four Tet
   Head Over Heels (Tears For Fears Cover)
  Baba O Rly
  non existent
   Love Honour and Obey
  Big Ned
   Bicarbonate of Chicken Tonight
  Ivor Cutler
   Don't you want to be in a cult
  Black Moth Super Rainbow
   Rights For Gays
  John Maus
  Upset The Rhythm
   Bad Reputation (LIVE)
  Joan Jett
  Warner Archive
   On Vacation
  Flying Matchstick Men // GRNR
  Beneath Us The Waves
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