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The Self Raising Flour Hour Of Power
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No louise this week..... BUM BUM!
   The Carny
  Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds
   Perfume Garden
  The Chameleons
  Dead Dead Good
Stroszek Track: 'Burning Libraries'
   The American
  Simple Minds
   Death To Los Campesinos(Napoleon IIIrd Remix)
  Los Campesinos
Stroszek Track ' Dancing on The Motorway'
   Lighten Up Morrissey
  Lil' Beethoven
Stroszek Track 'Maybe Find a Stranger'
  Killing Joke
   Valley Girl
  Frank Zappa
Stroszek Track: 'This Town, Revisited'
   Boy Meets Girl, So What
   Sharpen Up Your Knives
Stroszek Track: Sound The Last Post
   Greetings To The New Brunette
  Billy Bragg
  Go! Discs
   Die In The Summer Time
  Manic Street Preachers
Stroszek Track: Sleepwalkers
Burning LIbraries, Dancing on the Motorway, This Town Revisited, Sound The Last Post all on Fire Exit Records
Maybe Find A Stranger and Sleepwalkers on Threads Of Sound
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