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The Self Raising Flour Hour Of Power
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   O Katrina!
  Black Lips
   Teenage Nervous Breakdown
  Little Feat
  Warner Bros.
   Status Back Baby
  Frank Zappa and The Mothers of Invention
   Reeel To Reel
  Peter Moren
   30th Century Man
  Scott Walker
   Friday Night
  Dennis Wilson
Drive yer Vice City playing self into synth oblivion
   Big Balls
   I Was A Lover
  TV On The Radio
ross clark tickles us with his mouth and tongue and words
  The Champs
   Angel of Death
   Burn My Eyes
  Black Sun
  Distortion Project
   Liquid Swords
  GZA/ Genius
  Wu Tang
  The Pogues
I am so sorry but the last song was utter bollocks
   Come See The Duck
   I Am The Duke Of New York
  John Carpenter
  Warner Bros.
   I Am A Lonely Mountain
  Ross Clark
  Instinctive Racoon
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