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The School of Song
indie // dance // folk // rock // pop

This is a show about hooks that make you squeal, words that make you think, beats that make you move and tunes that make you cry. In short, this show is devoted to song, from the mightiest pop anthem to the sensitive bedsit ballad. Each episode will feature a well-known songwriter, and the show will also showcase local and emerging songwriting talent.

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ben folds
eurovision special
l'ecole de chant
cat power
kimya dawson
school's out for summer

Apologies to anybody expecting a show to go out last Friday, due to crossed wires it could not be broadcast.

That was the last episode of The School of Song, so I just want to extend a big thank you to everybody who's tuned in during 2010-11. I've had loads of fun doing it and hope it's been a good listen.

Special thanks go to Iain Hepburn, Tom Brogan, Chris Murray, Francesca Scott and Matt Connelly for their support during the year.

Have a good summer!


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