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The Real Hip-Hop Hour
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   Forgot about Dre
  Dr Dre // Eminem
   Tha Crossroads
  Bone Thugs'n'Harmony
  Interscope/Amaru/Death Row
   White America
   Wake Up
  Snoop dog
  Death Row
   Today was a good day
  Ice Cube
  Death Row
   Dead Wrong
  Notorious B.I.G.
  Bad Boy
   Things that you do
   What these bitches want
  Ruff Ryders
   Rather be your nigga
  Interscope Records, Amaru Entertainment
   Elevators (Me & You)
  LaFace Records/Arista Records
   My Chick Bad
  DTP, Def Jam
   Cadilac Music
  LaFace Records/Arista Records
   Coming of Age
   A Nigga Witta Gun
  Dr Dre
  Death Row, Interscope, Priority
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