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The Real Hip-Hop Hour
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   The OtherSide
  The Roots
  Def Jam
  The Roots
  Def Jam
   Elevators (Me & You)
  LaFace Records/Arista Records
   Luv U Better
  LL cool j
  Def Jam
   Be Down
   Passing Me By
  Delicious Vinyl
   The Bridge Is Over
  Boogie Down Productions
   B Boys Will B Boys
  Black Star
   Me Against The World
  Interscope/Amaru/Death Row
   can't knock the hustle
   How Do You Want It
  Death Row
   If I Ruled The World
   Let Me Ride
  Dr Dre
  Death Row
   You're All I Need to Get By
  Method Man ft. Marry j Blige
  Da Brat
   What it is
  Gift Of Gab
   The Light
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