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The Reading List
hiphop // bass // club // ballroom // vogue

A new House is in effect,is no longer about Executive Realness but executing realness and slaying for the family. The Reading List will examine Vogue music and the Ballroom scene from its roots to its current form. The show will also look at the modern intersection(and appropriation) of Vogue with genres such as Grime, Hip Hop and Club Music as well as featuring guests,exclusive content and mixes.

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Cakes Da Killa Special
13/10/2016 // Cakes Da Killa Special

After a long hiatus, The Reading List is back with an exclusive interview from legendary rapper Cakes Da Killa along with some of his new tracks. Catch the show for the chat about Cakes' new album, what's happening across the wider LGBTQ+ cultural scene and what's happening in Glasgow alongside new music from Mike Q, Byrell The Great, Jay Boogie and more!!!

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