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electronic // pop // experimental // percussive // nicky

2nd Monday Monthly a show for music and occasional bursts of beautiful patter

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Within Wafer with Sylvia Shale
20/04/2019 // Within Wafer with Sylvia Shale

Sylvia - 'Loiterers Ni Ké & Sylvia Shale (There Is No There There & Obsolete Future) go b2b tonight for 4+ hours of balmy 90s techno, outer-electronics and the detritus off of the heap of dance music. Luxurious lagers will inform the course of the night with a glassy wet slippage for flow and lack of cohesion.

Within Wafer is likely a one-off, but who knows, it may be shaped – improperly, as such affairs are – into a series of ongoing fuckups.

20h00 - 24h00 (or until eviction)

All deserters welcome.'

a 4 hour podcast for all the family

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