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The Other Side
indie // shoegaze // singersongwriter // sunnysidepop // modernblues

All the stuff that's happening in indie on the other side of the globe with a couple a old 'where it all began' moments. The bands that are big in Australia and New Zealand that you don't know about but will one day (well, who knows, perhaps). Tune in to show off obscure bands to your friends, and maybe even hear a good song or two. Interviews and reviews of visiting Austrasian artists and lots and lots of songs.

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SRA Awards

Well, while The Other Side has now had it's final days it managed to sneak in an nomination to the Student Radio Awards for specialist music programming before disappearing into the abyss. Listen to the Other Sides nomination along with all the other excellent Subcity entries here: http://subcity.org/news.php?id=1228

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