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The Office Of Dudes
comedy // hiphop // intelligentpop // alternativerock // europeanquirkpop

Stemming from oft-shushed banter in lectures, this is a show devoted to the beautiful friendship between it's many presenters. Key members of the office are Tobi, Murray, Rob,Nick, Ruaraidh, Tom and Dave whilst other members may or may not turn up and be surprise guests. The Office of Dudes is also coincidentally the name of the four presenters soon to be world defacing rap group. Whilst music will be present, it will pale in the face of the overwhelming force of inpropriety and giggles.

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The News

The Office of dudes is now officially news worthy. And thats because we worked out how to use the news thing, much like a trained monkey might. Well done team! Either way there is now a MASSIVE beef with gran-tastic who we intend to take right down to china town, and maybe have a lovely meal with them; don't you love those sweet and sour dumplings? Either way have a listen and maybe, just maybe, you'll learn something. *

*The Office Of Dudes does not endorse learning of any kind.

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