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Retro Future Retro
The Natives Are Restless
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   The Book of Life and Crime
  Old Time Relijun
   Major Airbro's Landing
  The Fucking Champs
  Drag City
  Apparat Organ Quartet
  12 Tonar
   Super Good
  WEA Japan, Birdman Records
   The Endless Sea
  Iggy Pop
   Scarlet Ceremony
  Belbury Poly
  Ghost Box
   Crimson Cinema of Death
  Dan Sartain
  One Little Indian
   Electromagnetic Azoth - Ubik
  Secret Chiefs 3
  Web of Mimicry
   The Illumanoids
  Higamos Hogamos
   Rano Pano
  Rock Action
   Now Woel
  The Chap
   Show me everything
  Lucky dog/ City Slang
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Scottish Charity Number SC006970.