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The British Soldier in the 19th Century
The Music of Time
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   Regimental Company March
  Gordon Highlanders
  White Label
   Over the Hills and Far Away
  John Tams
   Marching Through the Green Grass
  Lucy Ward
  Navigator Records
  Polydor Associated Labels
   Bonnie Light Horsemen
  Kate Rusby
   Flashman (excerpt)
  George MacDonald Fraser // Rupert Penry-Jones
   Massacre (live)
  Thin Lizzy
  Mercury Records Limited
   Isandhlwana, 1879
  John Barry
   On the Road to Mandalay
  Frank Sinatra
  104pro Media
   Tommy Atkins
  Rudyard Kipling // Sir Roger Moore
  White Label
   De la Rey
  Bok van Blerk // Sean Else // Johan Vorster
  Mozi Records
   Stop The Cavalry
  Jona Lewie
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