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The MotorPsycho Diaries
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   I am a psycho
   Skitzo Dancer (Justice Remix)
  Scenario Rock
   Bonafied Lovin (Yuksek Remix)
   Born Slippy
  Wax Trax!
   Pump up the jam
   Rappers delight
  Sugar Hill Gang
   Mind Dimension 2
  Wall Of Sound
   West end girls
  Pet Shop Boys
  Zombie Nation
   Raven (Les Petit Pilous Remix)
   La la land
  green velvet
   Daft Punk is playing at my house
  LCD Soundsystem
   & Down
  Boys Noize
   One more time
  Daft Punk
   The Cat
  Dusty kid
  Kling Klong
   Get Hype
  Reduced Phat
   Short Dick man
  20 fingers
   Gay dentists
  Mr Oizo
  Ed Banger
   Clash City Rockers
  The Clash
  Saint Denis
   Make that noise (Dolby anol remix)
  Punx Soundcheck
   3 mc's and 1dj (live video version)
  Beastie Boys
  Grand Royale
   Sunglasses at night (D.I.M. remix)
   Bump (switch remix)
  Spank Rock
  Big Dada
  DJ Rockid
   Soap on a rope
  The Rhythmic State
  Club Scene
   God Save the Queen
  The Sex Pistols
   The fallen (Justice remix)
  Franz Ferdinand
   Addicted to love
  Robert Palmer
  Ed Banger
   Hoes get down
  High Powered Boys
  Don Rimini
  Mental Groove
   Bad Runner (Jokers of the scene remix)
   Under the sun (Herve Remix)
   Like a virgin (I am a virgin re-radge)
   Restless (Fake Blood Remix)
  Mr Oizo
  Ed Banger
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