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The Lambreeni Hour
trance // hardcore // ibiza // hardstyle // eurodance

4 a limited time only, an exploration into hardstyle and other sentimental genres feat. Lambreeni™ Boi n friends

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ευrσ ∂αηz
23/06/2016 // #2 - ευrσ ∂αηz

Have u always wanted to hear your polyphonic ringtones on your sony ericsson at the back of a bus in Primary 7 except in a club ten years later?

If yes then ευrσ ∂αηz is 4 u!

Stereo · 25.06.16 · 2300-0300

Feat. 4 of Glasgow’s most casual drinkers and part time socialists:

xXx ∂נ ℓαмвrεεηι вσι xXx

Some believe DJ Lambreeni Boi wasn’t born, just found in a bin outside of the Irn Bru carnival. All hard n fast, never dipping below 160bpm, see if you can keep up with all of ur fave pop hits from 2006 remixed by producers called Shred or Headhunterz.

xXx ∂נ ∂ιxιε cнιcкεη xXx

DJ Dixie Chicken’s music taste comes solely from compilation CDs she bought as a pre-teen, namely Smash Hits 2001. Growing up with the Euro, she’s an expert in all things continental. Some say she’s the fourth member of Cascada.

xXx ∂נ ∂ιв ∂αв xXx

DJ Dib Dab is ur tru bam representative for the evening. Rumour has it that Perfect (Mason & Princess Superstar) is an ode to the big man himself, all we can say is he’s got freshly frosted tips and a new burberry scarf.

xXx ∂נ мσηт-ε gυrηs xXx

DJ Mont-E Gurns has seen every episode of Sexcetera. His da lived in the Netherlands for a bit, so his Eurodance credentials are solid. Currently in hiding from UKIP after remixing Farage-favourite: Tubthumping by Chumbawamba.

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