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The Kid Zipper Show
techno // electro // dubstep // electronica // disco

Techno, electro and disco both old and new are what I love and what I intend the core of the show to be. With a mixture of live mixing from both myself and guest DJs on vinyl, CDs, laptops or whatever else people use these days to make noise, I want to explore and expose good electronic music to as many people as possible. The genres mentioned above are a loose guide but by no means a strict rule book; veering off into dubstep, ambient sounds and the odder reaches of the music that comes my way will be a must. Whether you're getting your glad rags on for a night on the town or needing to put your back head together afterwards, indulge in all things electronic at heart with me to move your brain and your feet.

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Acid and Other Noise
11/05/2009 // Acid and Other Noise

This weeks show will be mostly acid house and techno. You gots to jack.

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