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The Itch! Bitch
techno // house // dubstep // garage // ukfunky

The bumbling fools who brought you Itch! just keep giving you more and more like a pair of scrawny unshaven Santas. A weekly run down of the best in UK Funky, Garage, Dubstep, House and Techno, plus a dash of old school and a sprinkling of perfect pop.

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26/10/2010 // Unnamed Episode

Ikonika Graced our turntables at Itch! this weekend.

She put in an epic 2hr 15min set. it was spesh. 3 days later we are just about recovered. just about.

We've some great tunes for you today, Heera plays you his sexed up house music while Gnarly provides the perfect pop.



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