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The Goose and The Gander
chat // film // discussion // culture // television

Emma and Charlie are the Goose and the Gander, a girl and a gay obsessed with things that make you squirm. Every month we’ll look at provocative and controversial examples of film and tv that we love and loathe (or both), looking at what it means to watch and consume in the boring '20s. We're interested in the complicated positions we often find ourselves in as millennial feminist and queer enjoyers of all things abject, grotesque + gory, and provide our sometimes serious/sometimes silly takes on culture at its most gruesome and gorgeous! Combining re-interrogations of historical works with contemporary film + tv, we'll consider how much and how little has changed in how we approach cultural controversies and moralisation as a society.

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   19:00 - 20:00
   Sun, 15/08/2021
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003: Revenge w/ Beth
30/05/2021 // 003: Revenge w/ Beth

the gruesome twosome invite a third for an xxxtra special ep with Beth of Weekly Obsessions fame! listen back for chat on Revenge (2017), eurovision and hear charlie try to explain the heterosexual family unit (impossible). prize for anyone who can total how many times emma says 'like' (embarrassing!)

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