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The Giddy Verge
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   Liebestraum No. 3
  Jorge Bolet
  White Label
Adrienne Rich poem reading: "Song"
   Somebody to Anybody
  Margaret Glaspy
   Am I Human?
  Sinead O'Connor
   Red Football
  Sinead O'Connor
   Rebel Girl
  Bikini Kill
  Kill Rock Stars
   I am
  Scout Niblett
  P Vine
   I was
  Double Double Whammy
   blue boy
  Mac DeMarco
  Captured Tracks
   little black sandals
   when she loved me
  Randy Newman
  Walt Disney
   say hallelujah
  Tracey Chapman
   dont fence me in
  darla hawn
   long way home
  Tom Waits
   All I Want
  Joni Mitchell
   gas station rose
  sean rowe
   Leaving the Table
  Leonard Cohen
   Mythological Beauty
  Big Thief
  Saddle Creek
   Don't Think Twice
  Bob Dylan
   Good morning (Interlude)
  Jamila Woods
  Closed Sessions
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