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The Giddy Verge
singersongwriter // poetry // lyrical // literary // multigenre

The Giddy Verge is in the interest of poetry as a way to bridge the gap between differences; it extends poetry as an avenue for solitudes to meet on common ground. Each week will feature a different poem (old, new, yours?) which we will then explore by submerging ourselves in music which expounds a major theme/themes of the poem. Most people will admit to listening to music; not as many admit to reading poetry. By taking music from across genres and time and putting it in conversation with a poem, The Giddy Verge invites you to exult in a world where poetry is for everybody.

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Two Girls Singing
04/06/2018 // Two Girls Singing

This episode is an Ode to Glasgow, to new frontiers & voices, to concrete and leaves and "the human sweetness in that yellow". See you after, Scotland.

Two Girls Singing

It neither was the words nor yet the tune. / Any tune would have done and any words. / Any listener or no listener at all. /

As nightingales in rocks or a child crooning / in its own world of strange awakening / or larks for no reason but themselves. /

So on the bus through late November running / by yellow lights tormented, darkness falling, / the two girls sang for miles and miles together /

and it wasn't the words or tune. It was the singing. / It was the human sweetness in that yellow, / the unpredicted voices of our kind.

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