The Soul Cellar with Trevor and Stephen
The Funky Cuts
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   Grits ain't groceries
  Little Milton
   Get loose when you get loose
  Jesse Anderson
   Mama Feelgood
  Lynn Collins
   My Turn Now
  Gail Anderson
  Early Bird
   The thought Of Losing Your Love
  The Vanguards
   I can't stand it
  Brenda George
   Sisters Love
  Mr Fix it man
  White Label
   Try Me and See
  Ruth Brown
  White Label
   The Long John
  Jarvis Jackson
   Bobby Byrd
  I can't do it alone
   Bad Luck
  Hank Carbo
   Holy Moses
   What can you do
  Mill Evans
   Indian Rope Man
  Julie Driscoll // Brian Auger
   I'm a good woman
  Cold Blood
   Stay in the groove
  Soul Dynamics
   Witchcraft is my Thang
  The Root Doctor // The Voodoo men
  Mister D
  Dean Francis // The Soul Rockers
   Psychedelic Soul part 1
  El Pooks
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