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Tailor Made at Southside
The Funky Cuts
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   Soul Jerk
  Bobby Bennet
   Boogaloo #3
  Roy Lee Johnson
   Star Revue
   Wherever I lay My Hat
  Marvin Gaye
   Scotch on the Socks
  The Shadows
   99th Floor
  The Moving Sidewalks
   My Love
  Ronnie Jones
   Two sided Thing
  Johnny Mae Matthews
  Big Hit
   She's Mine
  John Lee Hooker
   Wake Up
  Ike and Tina Turner
   Lonely Man
  Tito Ramirez
   The Work Song
  Tommy Hunt
   Big Legs, Tight Skirt
  John Lee Hooker
   Louie, Louie
  Richard Berry
   What I'd Say
  Calvin Carter
   How Much Land (Does a Man Need)
  Frank Minion
   Let's go baby (where the Action is)
  Robert Parker
   Everybody dance
  Lydia Marcelle
  Maria Dallas
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