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Something Old something new
The Funky Cuts
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   It's a Shame
  The Soul Investigators
   Heartaches was all you got
  Sven Zetterberg
  Gold Soul
   Walk that walk
  Eddie Bo
   Trick Bag
  The Excuses
  Gold Soul
   You hit me where it hurt
  Alice Clark
  Warner Bros.
   i had it made
  Mitch Ryder // the Detroit Wheels
   Over Please
  Eastside Connection
   Speed up
  Betty Moorer
  Soul 7
  The Third Degree
  Acid Jazz
   The same old Thing
   That's how strong my love is
  Otis Redding
   Got to get you off my mind
  Solomon Burke
   It's a shame
  Myron and E // The Soul Investigators
   Don't judge a book by its cover
  The Hawk // Little Hannah Collins
  Record Kicks
   Is it Love baby
  The Tandels
   What would I Do
  The Tymes
   Nik Nak Paddy Wack
  Lou Lawton
  Gold Soul
   The Onion Song
  Marvin Gaye // Tammi Terrell
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