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Motown 7s Box set
The Funky Cuts
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   Get Ready
  San Remo Golden Strings
  Tamla Motown
   Light my Fire
  Stevie Wonder
  Music for Pleasure
   Every time I see you I go Wild
  Sidney Barnes
  Tamla Motown
   Baby I need your Lovin'
  Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell
  Sounds Superb
   Something's wrong
  Chris Clark
  Tamla Motown
   My love is your love forever
  The Isley Brothers
  Tamla Motown
   You hit me where it hurt me
  Kim Weston
  Tamla Motown
   Forever in my Heart
  The Temptations
  Tamla Motown
   I Can't be Hurt Anymore
  David Ruffin
  Tamla Motown
   This love starved heart of mine
  Marvin Gaye
  Tamla Motown
   All I do is think about you
  Tammi Terrell
  Tamla Motown
   It happens every time
  Barbara McNair
  Tamla Motown
   Clip my wings
  The Four Tops
  Tamla Motown
   What more could a boy ask for
  The Spinners
  Tamla Motown
  The Originals
  Tamla Motown
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