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Northern and Sixties Garage
The Funky Cuts
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   Good 'N Bad
  The Venturie "5"
   No Good Woman
  The Tree
   Now She's Gone
  The Family Goat
   Nobody But Me
  Human Beinz
   Liar, Liar
  the castaways
   I See The Light
  The Majority Of Six
   I See The Light (Listen to me)
  One Way Street [Canada]
   Keep On Doing It
  The Outsiders [UK]
   She's Coming On Stronger
  The Outsiders [Tampa]
   Beaver Patrol
  The Wilde Knights
   Won't You Tell Me
  The Vestells
  Bo Jo
   Just Like Me
  The Interns [UK]
   You Lied
  Surf Knights
   Don't Shoot Me Down
  The Brogues
   Bad Girl
  The Zakary Thaks
   I See The Light
  The Five Americans
  Pye International
  Sound Carnival
   Cry For Freedom
  The Starfires
   You Gotta Leave
  The Gentlemen Wild
   Why Did You Cry
  Ron And The Starfires
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