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The Funky Cuts
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   I'm Sure
  The Two Plus Two
   Just like you did me
  Soul City
   We Can Make It
  Mello Souls
   Your Love is Everything
  Sandy Golden
   I Know Your Love Has Gone Away
  The Drapers
   Don't bring back memories
  Tommy Knight
   What do you think
  Chico Lamar
   The Trent Sisters - A Letter A Day
  The Trent Sisters - A Letter A Day
   Lighten up baby
  Ty Karim
   Don't be so jive
  Sag War Fare
   Mr. Big Shot
  Gene Chandler
   Demanding Man
  Way Out
   Get It Baby
  Stanley Mitchell
   We Were Made For Each Other
  Terrible Tom
   Can We Share It
  Rick Sheppard
   You don't love me anymore
  Johnny Caswell
   Seven the Loser
  Eric Lomax
   Baby Come and Get It
   Make Me Yours
  Bettye Swann
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