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Soul Selling
The Funky Cuts
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   I Still Love You
  Seven Souls
  Barry White & Atlantics -
   What Can I Do
  Billy Prophet
   One Day Love
  Tommy Dodson
   Try Love
  Cookie Jackson
   Put That Woman Down
  John Leach
   My Love Is Getting Stronger
  Cliff Nobles
   I'm Going Home
  Prince Conley
   Pow Wow
  Manny Corchado
   Love I Hold
  The Agents
  Liberty Bell
   Lady, Lady
  Colt 45's
   Baby, Without You
  Danny Monday
   King For A Day
  Stewart Ames
   Love slipped through my fingers
  Sam Williams
   Gonna hang on in there girl
  Jesse Davis
   Wash and Wear Love
  Lynn Varnado
   Just Say You're Wanted & Needed
  Gwen Owens
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