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Wednesday late shot
The Funky Cuts
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   Just Take Your Time
   I'm Giving Up
  Brenda Holloway
   Keep Away
  Little Lisa
   What Can I Do
  Billy Prophet
   You're gonna make me love you
  Sandi Sheldon
   Aretha Franklin
  You're Taking up Another man's time
   Billy Paul
  People Power
   The Futures
  Party Time Man
   I Can't Forget About You
  The Revlons
   Stolen Moments
  Mary Jane Hooper
  Funky Delicacies
   She's got Everything
  Barbara George
   Take Care Your Homework Friend
  Chuck Carbo & The Soul Finders
  Soul Jazz
   If it's Good to ya, It's Good for ya
  Eddie Bo
   Chain On My Thing
  Denise Keeble
   I'm in love
  Tony Galla
   Got To Keep Hanging On
  Vickie Labat
   I'm Mr. Big Stuff
  Jimmy Hicks
   The Creeper Returns
  Johnny Otis
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