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The 12" Crash edit show
The Funky Cuts
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   It's Nasty
  Grand Master Flash // Furious Five
  Gil Scott-Heron
   Big Blow
  Manu Dibango
   Rocket in the Pocket
   It's too Funky In Here
  James Brown
   You sure look Good to Me
  Phyllis Hyman
   Stop on By
  Rufus // Chaka Khan
  Warner Bros.
   You Gonna make me Love somebody Else
  The Jones Sisters
   Take that to the Bank
  Jimmy "Bo" Horne
   Dance with You
  Carrie Lucas
   Strung Out
  Wendy & Lisa
   Love is the Message
  ARthur Baker // Al Green
   I want your Love
   A Lovers Holiday
   Still Smokin'
  Trouble Funk
  4th & Broadway
   Not Just Knee deep
  Warner Bros.
   Bop Gun
   The Pinnochio Theory
  Bootsy's Rubber Band
  Warner Bros.
   Let's Dance
   Television The drug of a nation
  Disposable Heroes Of Hiphoprisy
  4th & Broadway
   Wish it were me (Dub Dancing)
  David Boydell
  The Electric
   Let's start the dancing again
  Hamilton Bohannon
   On Fire
  T. Connection
   Don't stop the Music
  Yarborough and Peoples
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