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The Funky Cuts
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   The Cat
  Jimmy Smith
   Dancing Mood
  Delroy Wilson
   Rudy a message to you
   Send me some Lovin'
  Sam Cooke
   Ain't that peculiar
  Ramsey Lewis trio
   Love Starved heart of mine
  Marvin Gaye
  Tamla Motown
   It happens every time
  Barbara McNair
  Tamla Motown
   Function at the Junction
  Little Richard
   Daddy Rolling Stone
  Derek Martin
   Hard working girl
  Clarence Daniels // Obie Jesse
  Kent Select
   The last minute
  Jimmy McGriff
   Soul sister, brown sugar
  Sam and Dave
   You're so fine
  Wilson Pickett
   Three lonely guys
  The Brilliant Korners
   I'd be a millionairre
  Chuck Jackson
  Kent Select
   Save your love for me
  Vivian Reed
   Watch your step
  Bobby Parker
  Spencer Davis Group
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