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One nation under a groove
The Funky Cuts
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   A hard day's night
  Ramsey Lewis trio
   Right now
  Mel Torme
   Chain Gang
  Sam Cooke
   Out of Sight
  James Brown
   Hey Joe
  Wilson Pickett
   Ask any girl
  The Supremes
   Sweet honey baby
  JJ Barnes
  Goldmine Sevens
   C'mon and Swim
  Bobby Freeman
   Baby it's hot
  The Olympics
   I can hear music
  The Ronettes
  Phil Spector International
   I'm gonna get you yet
  The Dixie Cups
  Red Bird
   You and me just started
  Linda Taylor
   Can't step twice (On the same piece of water)
   Think it over
  The Harvey Averne Dozen
   Playing it cool
  Hector Rivera
   Liverpool Drive
  Chuck Berry
  Pye International
   You're mine
  Dion (di Muchi)
   Rising Higher
  Marva Holiday
  Kent Select
   Night Owl
  Roy Hemmings
  Joe Boy
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