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You've come a long way, Baby
The Funky Cuts
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   You've come a long way baby
  Flower Shop
   Let me do it
  The Belles
   I'm coming home in the morning
  Lou Pride
  King Errison
   Send Him Back
  Pointer Sisters
   The Trip
  Dave Mitchell Screamers
   I'm spellbound
  Tamiko Jones
  Golden World
   Mine Exclusively
  Fred Smith Orchestra
   You Touched me
  Judy Harris
   She'll keep running back
  Mel Britt
   Set my heart at ease
  Mikki Farrow
  Ernie Bush
   Thumb a Ride
  Earl Wright Orchestra
   Don't it make you feel funky
  Joe Hicks
   Too Darn Soulful
  Morris Chestnut
   Get it baby
  Stanley Mitchell
   You don't love me anymore
  Johnny Caswell
   Don't want to talk about it
  Nancy Ames
   We were made for each other
  Terrible Tom
   Earl Jackson
  Soul Self Satisfaction
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