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E Bay top and bottom
The Funky Cuts
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  Ike Quebec
  Blue Note
   Chitown Boogaloo
  Lewise Bethune
   I Believe in Miracles
  Jackson Sisters
   Can it be me
   Is She In Your Town
  Curtis Lee
   You Didn't Say A Word
  Yvonne Baker
   I think I love you
  Helen Troy
   Do it
  Johnny Griffith
  Triple B
   Blues in the night
  Johnny Taylor
   Never Let Me Go
   I'll Hold You
  Frankie and Johnny
   It's your voodoo Working
  Charles Sheffield
   Split Feelin's
  Hank Mobley
  Blue Note
   The Girl's got it
  Billy Preston
   Let My Heart And Soul Be Free
  Tan Geers
   Get Down
  Freedom Express
  We The People [W.T.P.]
   Funky Nassau
  Cisneros & Garza Group
  Ike Quebec
  Blue Note
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