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The Funky Cuts
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   New Neighborhood
  Tommy Hunt
  Kent Select
   I need You
  The Marvellos
  Kent Select
   Cool Strut Part 1
  Bernie Hayes
   Them Hot Pants
  Lee Sain
  We Produce
   Don't Listen to the Grapevine
  Steeltown Inc.
   Satisfied with your love
  Eddie Bo
   Bopsody in Blues
  Edgar Blanchard // The Gondoliers
   Trying to get next to you
  Arnold Blair
   Raisin' Hell
  Norma Jean
  Hep' Me
   Strugling for Survival
  Little Ed // The Soundmasters band
   Shouldn't I Love Him
  Mable John
   My honey and me
  The Emotions
   It's not safe to mess on me
  George Jackson
  Kent Select
   Don't it make you feel funky
  Joe Hicks
  Kent Soul
   Feel the beat, Feel the Heat
  Johnny Adams
  Hep' Me
   Hijacking Love
  Johnnie Taylor
   Come the promises of yesterday
  Mad Lads
   Carnival Time
  Al Johnson
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