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45 funky cuts
The Funky Cuts
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   Hang 'em High
  Booker T & the MG's
   Come and get your love
   Lookin' for a love
  Bobby Womack
  United Artists
   She wobbles when she walks
  Paul Clifton
  Kent Select
   (Just a little) Faith and Understanding
  The Magicians
  Kent Select
   Nine times out of ten
  Teddy Pendegrass
   Loved Shop
  People's Choice
   There ain't nothing like Shaggin'
  The Tams
   Cool Broadway
   I'm Making love
  Roy Brown
   You gotta Know whatcjha doin'
  Charles Wright
  Warner Bros.
   Comin' home baby
  Dee Dee Sharp
   This Girl
  Cookin' on 3 Burners // Kylie Audist
   I ain't talkin'
  Pat Hunt
  Kent Select
   The Shakedown (say yeah)
  Speedometer // Martha High
   No puppy Love
  Johnny Copeland
   better get a move on
  Louise McCord
  Gospel Truth
   Livin' Soul
  Richard Groove Holmes
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